In order to improve on the children’s listening skills and enhancement of their vocabulary a movie week was organised in the primary wing  for classes 1 to 5.On 18-04-2019 class II students were shown “Happy Feet” movie in the library. Happy Feet is a beautiful animated film. The children loved the dancing, music and colourful animation.  On 20.04.19 an animated film “Madagascar(2005)” full story  was shown to the student of class III. They enjoyed and learnt a lot from this fun animated film.

Apart from the many humorous jokes and an entertaining story Madagascar highlight to kids the values of friendship, of sticking together even in troubling time , of adjustments , and of never giving up hope.                                                                       

The students of class IV were shown “The famous Jungle Book” on 16.4.2019  to entertain them and to refresh their mood before they got engrossed with paper and pencil tasks. The children enjoyed watching the movie with their friends. Students of class V watched “The Jungle Book” by Rudyard Kipling on Thursday, April 15,2019. It is one of the good movies for children in which a man cub, Mowgli is brought up in the Jungle by a pack of wolves. The children enjoyed watching the movie. In between they were seen clapping and enjoying thoroughly. Overall it was a nice show for the kids. The movie week was planned keeping in view the rejuvenation of the students.