There was an Activity Showcase held on 7’ feb’2020 in the basketball court for showcasing the skills learnt during the everyday activities being held in the school in the activity period. The parents of the participants were invited to witness the event at 10:30 am. As soon as the Director Mr. Deb and Mrs. Neena Deb entered the students were filled with enthusiasm to present the show, respected Vice principal mam Mrs. Bharati Vishnoi and Headmistress mam Mrs. Anju Bhalla also graced the ocassion The programme commenced with yoga whereby the kids were able to practice different “asans” skillfully. It was followed by Karate “the martial art” kids very thorough with the techniques and gave a beautiful presentation. Then there was Western dance where the kids moved beautifully with the music. After that the girls from the primary and senior wing presented the Indian Classical Dance (Kathak) and stole tye hearts of each and everyone with their skillful performance. Then the children came up with the Aerobics a form of physical exercise that combines with the beats of music to make it all the more attractive, they indeed gave a lovely performance. Last but not the least was skating which was very well appreciated as the children did their best to show their talent of travelling on the surface using their skates. Overall, the programme was well liked by everyone and it went off very smoothly. Headmistress mam presented the Vote of Thanks for the staff as well as the parents.