An Inter House Social Studies Quiz was conducted on Tuesday, November 10,2020 from class 9-12.It was
the first quiz to be held virtually in the background of pandemic situations. All the four teams from
Aravali, Satpura, Shivalik & Vindhya participated with full enthusiasm.
There were three rounds in the quiz viz. ‘Multiple choice questions', ‘Visuals’ and ‘Rapid Fire' .In the first
round, each team was asked a set of five questions comprising of History, Geography and Pol.Science,
which each team had to answer within ten seconds. In the second round , students were asked
questions based on the visuals shared on the screen in five seconds and in the third and final round
each house was given time of 90 seconds to answer as many questions as possible.
The Director, Mr A.K.Deb, the Principal, Mrs Verma and the Vice Principal, Mrs Bishnoi were the guests
for the event. At the end of the quiz results were shared on the screen amidst great enthusiasm.
The Principal congratulated the winning teams and encouraged the participants. She also motivated the
teachers for their efforts in accepting the challenge of conducting an online quiz The Director called the
event as an ‘eye opener' for every one present there. The quiz was enjoyed by all and was able to add
knowledge to our young minds.
The final Results were:-
Team.                              Participants.                                  Points/Position
Aravali.                         Gargi Bahuguna
                                       Sejal Dora
                                       Sparsh.                                                    55
Satpura                        Gavish
                                      Mayank Bijalwan
                                      Kshitij Joshi
                                      Gauri Singhal.                                        95 First
Shivalik                      Radhika
                                    Swasti.                                                       65 Second
Vindhya                     Ishpreet
                                    Daksh Jain
                                    Eklavya Joshi

                                    Manisha Rana.                                            45