Physical Activities

This is to bring to your kind attention that due to the ongoing lockdown period, the children are deprived of their mental and physical development programs and activities. It is requested that we should at least have two sessions of some physical activity online every week for all classes from VI to XII. The activities that can be conducted are as follows:


  1. Yoga – for some stretching and breathing exercises.
  2. Meditation – to relieve stress and improve concentration levels.
  3. Aerobic exercise – for physical and mental development.
  4. Indoor games — crossword puzzle, Ludo, chess, sudoku etc. for logic and reasoning.


Art Activities

Classes VI-VIII


Best out of waste by using–


* Old Papers , Newspaper , Magazine , Bags , Cups , 

Plates ,  Empty Boxes , Card boards etc.


* Old Clothes , Cotton , 

Wool , Socks , Ropes , Strings etc.


* Earthen Pots , Diyas , Nut N Coconut Shells , Sticks , Stones, Pebbles , Mirror , Clay etc.


* Plastic , Tins , Shuttle cock , Hangers , Bangles etc.




*Paper folding and origami 


*Paper Caps , Mats , Mask    Collage , Puppets , Cards

  Flowers , Doll House 


*Pen Holders , Photo             Frames , Hangings ,     Showpieces , Sets , Jewelry


*Scenery , Landscape , Aquarium , A Park , Cage 



Music and Dance Activities

Western Vocals (Senior) list of song

Activity teacher- Mr. Anushay Greene

  1. Beautiful Sunday by Daniel Boone –
  2. Blowing in the wind by Bob Dylan –
  3. Candle in the wind by Elton John –
  4. Sunshine on my shoulders by John Denver –
  5. I look to you by Whitney Houston-
  6. Mother of mine by Jimmy Osmond –
  7. What a wonderful world by Louis Armstrong-
  8. Rocky mountain high by John Denver –
  9. Yesterday once more by Carpenter –
  10. Imagine by John Lennon –


Instructions- To visit the track just click or copy the link( given in front of each song , you’ll land on the song that you wanted to learn. Headphones or earphones are recommended for better understanding of the notes and variations of the song.


Activity teacher – Mr. Pankaj Papnoi

  • राग अहीर भैरव – परिचय, आरोह, अवरोह, पकड़, सरगम गीत, बंदिश, आलाप, तान

Instructions – To visit the track just click or copy the link  given in the front of

     the song. Headphones or earphones are recommended for better      

     understanding of the notes and variations of the song.  

     Also make a separate fair notebook for INDIAN CLASSICAL VOCAL and write

     down the lyrics and notations of songs & Raags given above and also maintain the

     previous years’ work done in class.

Dance- Kathak

Activity Teacher- Mr. Ayush

For class VI – VII

Watch “Kathak ( ginti ki tihai in teentaal)” on YouTube
Watch “Bolo ki tihai in teentaal” on YouTube

For class VIII

Watch “Kathak ( takit dhikit ka bol)” on YouTube 
Watch “Thaat in teentaal” on YouTube

Watch “Takit dhikit tihai in teentaal” on YouTube