Cultural Activities

Cultural Activities

Students are encouraged to participate actively in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. They are helped to appreciate the rich cultural heritage of India through training in Fine Arts, Drama, Dance, Music and Art. All students are inspired to draw, paint, carve and work with clay, collages and cartoons made by students have been greatly admired by everyone. Students are sent for picnics and education tours to museums, exhibitions, factories, industries and places of historical importance.

Trips & Treks


The club fosters the spirit of adventure. Hikes, treks, countryside rambles and adventure training courses at Joshi Math in Uttarkashi and river rafting at Rishikesh are organized.

Educational mid-term-treks and excursions into the mountains and the Doon Valley twice a Year in April and October are planned for students. Treks have been undertaken into Himachal Pradesh too. Weekend trips are frequently organized within the Doon Valley. 


Games and Sports


In order to take a break from the hectic academic schedule, sports provide a perfect time for relaxation. The school therefore has taken care that students are provided with an excellent infrastructure and very good facilities to pursue sports and games. The daily routine at school incorporates sufficient time for sports in the academic schedule. Students of all groups take part in sports under the expert supervision and guidance of physical instructors and professional trainers. This keeps the students physically fit and agile. Students are given various options to choose the discipline of their interest. 


Under expert guidance of professionals the students can hone their skills in skating, athletics, martial arts, adventure sports, outdoor and indoor sports and so on. The School has an indoor area that provides facilities for table tennis, chess, carom, gymnastics and a health club for fitness conscious students. 



Each year the school organizes the Annual Sports meet to encourage a display of strength, stamina, vigor and sportsmanship. The sport shield is awarded to the House adjudged best. The School Participates in the Inter-Council Sports meet which is help every year to compete with other schools and thereby raise their own standards. The school has been lifting various Sports Shields at District level Meets since the inception of these events.


Students display their skills at district level with remarkable vigor and glamour. The School has extensive playgrounds and provides ample opportunities for students to participate in sporting activities.


Cricket, football, basketball, volleyball, throw ball, handball, badminton and table tennis are some of the major games played. Special coaching in various sports events is also arranged.


The School also provides training in Gymnastic, Yoga and Martial Arts like Taekwondo and Judo. Physical training is compulsory for all students.



Club Activities


The Hobby Clubs
To instill a joy for the learning process, various Hobby Clubs are functional twice a week. Students can pursue hobbies of their choice. Almost all subjects can become hobbies. Students are encouraged to find out generalized approach which is also practical. Apart from such clubs there are some others, namely: 


Electronics Club
Students are guided to explore the intricacies of the world of Electronics. Simple Electronic Gadgets are prepared and displayed during the Annual Exhibition.


Scholastic Club
The club honours the toppers and meticulous students as well as their parents by awarding them a Scholastic Badge and certificate.

School Band

The School Band has always been the pride of all school performances. A large number of students display their proficiency to the resonant beat of the drums to provide a fitting finale to all important functions. In 1991, the school band marched so well that they were invited to take part in the parade on “Martyrs’ Day” the same year.

Extra Curricular activities
Debating club








Skating and Karate


Classical & Western Dance

English Literary Club    

The English Literary Club has training students in elocution, oration and debating. This is amply proved by the number of shields and trophies won by our students. The club comprises of the Editorial board which brings out the Annual Magazine and Monthly Newsletters.

Hindi Literary Club
The club undertakes all the literary work in Hindi. Students speak chaste and fluent Hindi. Apart from this the club also prepares children to participate in various Hindi debates and declamations organized at various levels in the city and outside.

Environmental Club
The club strives to spread awareness about nature and its conservation. The children plant and nurture saplings and strive to make the surroundings beautiful, naturally. They are concerned about the harmful effects of using polythene.

House System

Strength of the school which is approximately 2200 and each student in the School belongs to one of the four Houses namely:
The House System encourages a healthy competition. Inter House debates, declamation, poetry competition, Science/ Mathematics Quiz, G.K. Quiz, storytelling, painting, dance, singing not only bring out the latent talent in children but also help them to strive towards excellence. Inter House matches in Cricket, Basketball, Hockey, Football, Chess, Badminton, Table Tennis add colour to life at school and help in the development of all round personalities.

Student Council

The formal link between faculty and students is the democratically-elected Student Council, which includes faculty advisers. The Council, which has Primary, Middle and Secondary School divisions, is involved in a wide range of projects including the development of clubs and societies and the organisation of disciplinary systems and peer-counselling. It is also consulted from time to time by the Administration on such matters as the development of curriculum and facilities. 

Community Service

Service learning has been associated with academic gain

Students who participate in community service   learning tend to do better in school. It’s believed that community   service is somewhat of a missing link for students, giving them the   chance to apply what they’ve learned in the classroom to real human   needs. Volunteering is a great way to follow up on and supplement   subjects that have been covered in the classroom.

Students often experience an increased sense of self-efficacy

Students who do community service work learn   that they can actually make a difference with what they do. This helps   students better understand their own competence, leading to more   self-confidence and a can-do attitude that can spread to their work and   academic pursuits.

Students who participate are more likely to grow up and contribute more

Youths who take part in volunteering   activities become more involved in their communities, and as a result,   tend to care more about what happens in those communities. Often,   students who have participated in community service will grow up to   become young voters and remain involved in their communities throughout   their lives.

Community service is a great problem-solving skill builder

Students participating in community service   are often faced with challenges and tough problems to tackle. By working   through them as a volunteer, they learn how to better solve problems,   and enjoy the satisfaction of overcoming a hurdle.

Volunteering has health benefits

Creating a lifelong habit of community   service can help students become more healthy over the course of a   lifetime. Research has shown that individuals who participate in   volunteering have better physical and mental health than those who do   not, especially among adults aged 65 or older.

Volunteering makes students more attractive to potential employers

Taking part in community service teaches   students skills that are valuable to employers, like problem solving,   teamwork, and the ability to follow instructions. Volunteering is   especially valuable when it is related to a student’s future career.

Students can enjoy excellent networking opportunities

Community service opens students up to a wealth   of networking opportunities, allowing them to build new relationships   within their community as they contribute. Students can meet new people,   work with new organizations, and strengthen their ties to the   community.

Students find a sense of responsibility and pride

As students work within their community, they   learn that they can be responsible for making great things happen. This   helps to build a sense of responsibility in students, and a sense of   pride when they see what they’ve done is actually helping others.

Community service brings learning beyond the classroom

Volunteering allows students to take what   they’ve learned and apply it beyond the classroom. This offers the   opportunity for enrichment and a great way for them to see how concepts   they’ve learned work in the real world.

Volunteering offers an opportunity for skill building

Participating in community service allows   students to build upon their existing skill sets. As students work in a   real-life setting, they can use volunteering projects to explore and   improve upon existing skills. Students can explore potential careers and   find out what they need to develop in order to work in the field.

Volunteering is one big team building opportunity

As students work in community service programs,   they’ll learn how to better work in teams. Often, students will also   learn to develop leadership skills as well. This is valuable not just   for schoolwork, but for higher education, careers, and further community   involvement.